Herbs To Increase Breast Size Naturally – Fenugreek

increase breast size naturallyWhile looking for tips to increase breast size naturally in order to avoid the significant expense and risks of breast augmentation surgery and for a natural look, it can be a challenge if you do not know what to look for and what to do.

If you are serious about growing your breasts naturally, you need to consider certain herbs that contain certain properties that can be used to encourage breast growth such as fenugreek. There are also many other herbs that have been discussed on this site that are excellent for this use. Fenugreek is definitely one of my favorite herbs and not just for breast growth. It is a great herb for use with various female gynecological issues, for help with diabetes, for arthritis, etc. It is also one of the herbs that you can easily get in a grocery store.

The breast growing capabilities of fenugreek have been used for many centuries by Arab women to not only grow their breasts but to also increase the milk production of breast feeding women (whose breasts also get even bigger from taking fenugreek for breast milk increase!)

So breastfeeding women may want to avoid fenugreek unless they want even bigger breasts! However since the health of the baby is very important and breast milk is important for this, this “side effect” may not be a problem.

For non-breastfeeding women with small breasts who want to go up a cup size or two, Fenugreek is definitely an important breast growing herb to consider.

Why is fenugreek so effective?

Also known as Greek hay, foenu greek, fenigreek as well as methi (India)

Because it contains a compound known as diosgenin which is a phytoestrogen which mimics the activity of the female sex hormone estrogen which is responsible for breast growth when a young girl hits puberty. After a few years, estrogen stops this function of growing breasts and there is nothing you can do to make this natural estrogen continue enlarging your breasts if you end up with small breasts after estrogen has completed its breast growing activity by the age of 18 or 19.

This is where phytoestrogens come into play as they mimic estrogen and consuming them will help to trigger the body’s natural breast growth mechanism.

In order to increase your breast size naturally, you will need to consume the seeds or the sprouts of the fenugreek plant although it was discovered that fenugreek sprouts are the most effective for natural breast growth. Supplements can also be used. For the best source for organic herbs including fenugreek, click here.

If you also perform a breast massage to grow your breasts, you may want to consider using fenugreek oil which will allow for diosgenin to be absorbed quicker and easier than simply ingesting the seeds.

See, it is not impossible to be able to increase breast size naturally without having to resort to surgery. You just need to know what effective tools and resources to use.

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    • admin says:

      Online or try Indian stores in your neighborhood where it is probably called Methi. Some grocery stores may also carry fenugreek. Hope that helps

  1. Anonymous says:

    You don’t have to go to any exotic store, I see fenugreek herbal supplements at Walmarts in small Mississippi towns in the middle of nowhere.

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